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Portable Fitness Bar Kit


The Only Thing You Need to Work Out From Home! 🔥

Barbell + Dumbell + Rowing Exercises.... ALL IN ONE!


Practice Your Back and Hips:


Practice Your Leg and Abs:

Practice Your Arms, Shoulder and Back:


Endless Possibilities!

With a lot of pros over free weights and provides plenty of options to train muscles from different angles. 


Some instructions:

Weight Lifting

Cover your feet with the protective strap, and lifting the toning bar with both your hands above your head.


Let the protective belt cover your feet, keep standing and then move your hands forward, one foot to the back, relax your body and practice the vest line.

Leg lift

Lying flat on the ground, the protective belt covers the feet, grasping the foam handle with both hands, and lifting the legs.

Half twisted

Keep a half-turned state, front and rear feet, grab the foam handle, rotate the waist, and twist the body.

Side leg

Place the Pilates stick on the vertical floor, cover the foot with the protective strap, and lift the foot to the side. 



... and many more possibilities!

Checkout a more complete workout guide down below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️





Product Details

  • Material: Steel + Foam + Rubber + Nylon
  • Single Bar: 45cm / 18in
  • Assembled Length: 90cm / 35in
  • Resistance Band: 88cm / 34.6in
  • Total Weight: 792g / 1.7lb


Product Dimensions


Easy to Assembly and Use!




Adjust the Length & Strength To Your Need!

You can twist the bar so that the band wrap around to increase tension.


Upgraded Material:

Break Resistant Latex Stretch Rope

Anti-Slippery Rope to Protect Your Ankle!


The most POPULAR and TRENDY fitness tool around the world!

"This is the perfect workout device for people with limited space, or anyone really.  So compact and stores anywhere."
---  Carol R. (Verified Customer)

"Great versatility and wonderful for so many exercises.
Well made and easy to use, perfect for a beginner or a pro. Highly recommend!"
--- Alex W. (Personal Trainer)