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Eco-PVC Yoga Stretch Strap

  • WHY YOU NEED A STRETCH STRAP: Yoga straps are useful to assist in attaining postures by providing the required tension of a pose without straining. Our yoga straps can be used for binding in postures or as an extension in forwarding bends or and as support in various postures. Straps are used to grab toes, feet, and legs in harder balancing or reclined positions. Instead of struggling or bending to reach a limb, you can extend your arm's length with a yoga belt, so correct alignment is not compromised and range of motion is slowly improved.
  • STRETCH & RELAX MUSCLE AND JOINT: To avoid physical harm, massaging & relaxing your muscles joints before any sports are NECESSARY. Especially from a long day work sitting in front of a screen stiff, your muscles and joints are constantly being pulled, worn out and stressed. In order to protect them from potential accidents and keep them healthy, you should definitely properly stretch your body before any physical activity and massage out tight muscles.
  • BUILD FLEXIBILITY, STRENGTH, AND ENDURANCE: Yoga not only boosts your metabolism and calms your mind, it can also relax muscles and improves flexibility. Joint flexibility can prevent you from injuries caused by bone density reduction.
  • INDEPENDENT DESIGN: Our flexibility strap is easy to use during Pilates, yoga or just for gaining more flexibility. A stretching strap designed to give you the extra length and support you need in deep stretches and binds - in a fashion way!
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSE: Helpful in both dynamic warm-up before yoga and other sports and your daily stretching routine. It can also be used for physical therapy, rehab, tension alleviation and enhances overall flexibility. The stretch band is a must-have for all runners, yoga enthusiast, ballet dancers or any other athletes. With the beautiful non-fade flower print, maybe you can use it as a fashion belt! ;)
  • EASY TO USE AND STORAGE: Ultra long & strong - 180X3.8CM makes sure you get the most flexible as you can. However, you can still carry it in your pocket and stretch at your convenience. It's always there whenever you need it!