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Boxing Reflex Ball with Headband


Stay SHARP & FIT At Home!!!

This little tool can help you improve your REFLEXES and hand/eye COORDINATION, CONCENTRATION in limited space, RELEASE STRESS  and BUILD CARDIO, while having fun!


【Effective Training】

It is a device suitable for single-person daily training. 

It is light and easy to carry. It can help train your brain's reaction and hand-eye coordination and improve combat skills,burn your calories and stay healthy. 

Recommended by Vasyl LomachenkoSergey Kovalev, Shawn Porter.

【Safety of use】

The ball of the boxing ball is designed to be light and soft, and it is more comfortable and safe to use. Users don't have to worry about being hit by a face injury.

At the same time, we are equipped with professional masks to protect your eyes. Don't worry about injury to the eyes during the exercise process!

We have 2 options to choose - light & heavy. You can choose the preferable option according to your experience and level.

To better protect your face and eye, we also offer protective mask that fits your face perfectly to avoid the injuries by being hit by the ball (highly recommend for speed training).


We also offer hand band if you would more protection to your hands.



【Stage learning】

You have 2 options: red balls and black balls. It is designed for people of different experience and reaction levels.

The red ball is designed for beginners and moves at a slower speed as it's heavier, while the black ball is much faster if you hit it hard.

When you can use the red ball skillfully, you can switch to a black ball.

The black ball is more flexible, moving faster and more difficult to predict.


【Fun Sports】

The boxing ball is a novel and popular sport. It is easy to use and easy to get addictive. :)

It can not only be played by one person at home, but it will be particularly eye-catching when you use it outdoors.


【Anytime, Anywhere】

You don't have to go to the gym, at home or outdoors, you can enjoy your workout with a boxing ball headband.

It's perfect for work breaks or school breaks, even beaches and parks.

This beat ball can burn a lot of calories and help you keep health!


【Product Details】