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Ultra-Lite Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

  • Do Yoga ANYWHERE: This yoga mat is light weighted and compact. It folds to the size of an iPad or a book that easily fits in your handbag or tote. It can lie flat and takes up much less storage space. With its ability to be neatly tucked, you can take your yoga mat just about anywhere - to the park, the office, a workout class, or for long-distance trips. Say Goodbye to the giant big backpack and enjoy your practice anytime you wish!

  • SKIDLESS and STRONG GRIP: This yoga mat is anti-slippery! It has a top suede layer that works as an absorbent towel for sweat, and keeps your feet and hands from sticking to the surface.The bottom is natural rubber to keep you and your mat in place while transitioning between poses. Sweating during yoga is inevitable, keep your sweaty hands and feet dry is essential for your safety. Stay firmly in place, which allows you to fully focus your mind and body on the yoga practice.  

  • VERSATILITY: Perfect in all following conditions - towel for most yoga mat, outdoors/hot yoga/meditation/beach/cape/rest towel, cushion, and blanket.
    • EASY TO WASH: Don’t worry about sweating your towel, our yoga mat is easy to wash. Simply wash it in machine and tumble dry at a low heat (not exceeding 55°C) or simply hang dry. 

      • Made With Real Eco-Friendly & Quality Materials: Our premium folding mat is made of natural tree rubber and suede. It uses water-based ink for the beautiful colour and design.
      Our materials have passed the international SGS safety test:


      【FREE of toxic chemicals】 We guarantee this yoga mat is safe for you and your beloved ones. ❤️

        • Size - 70" X 24" X 0.06'' (178 X 61 X 0.15CM)
        • Weight - 3LBS (1.36KG)
        • EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: We don't sacrifice style for convenience! This yoga mat has beautiful vibrant colours, which makes you outstanding from the crowd. With the eco-friendly water-based inks, the prints are long lasting and won't fade. Artsy design to add a happy element, motivation, and enthusiasm, you could hardly wait to do yoga. This mat comes in 8 vibrant patterns, and you can even contact us to customize your own print!*

        • INSTRUCTIONS: How to fold the mat?


        PS: Whenever possible, we would suggest you to spread the mat flat or roll it up in order to extend its lifespan.


        • TOP FAQIs it too thin to be comfortable enough on hard surfaces?
        Our mat is double sided - suede top & natural rubber the bottom.
        Its weight is 3Lbs to guarantee as much cushion as possible for the yoga practice while it can be folded and carried in a handbag.
        It is perfect for you if you travel a lot or prefer yoga outdoors.
        When you do yoga in a studio or at home, you can stack it on another mat or blanket if you feel the ground is too hard.


        *N.B.: To order your customized mat, send us your requirement by clicking the button "Contact Us" at the bottom of this page, or send us an email to hello@bolderafitness.com.


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