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- Isn't it too thin to be comfortable enough on hard surfaces?

Our mat is double sided - suede top & natural rubber the bottom. It is about 3lbs to guarantee as much cushion as possible for the yoga practice while it can be folded and carried in a handbag. It is perfect for you if you travel a lot or prefer yoga outdoors.

When you do yoga in a studio or at home, you can stack it on another mat or blanket if you feel the ground is too hard. 

- How should I wash my BEF yoga mat?

Even though our mats are washing-machine friendly (using cold cycle), in order to prolong the lifetime of the mat we recommend hand-washing them with a wet cloth and a mild soap. 

- How do I dry my BEF yoga mat?

After the yoga practice, depending on how intensive it was, either leave your mat on the floor to dry or hang it in a place where it could ventilate. 

After washing the mat, we recommend to squeeze it and then hang to dry avoiding any direct sunlight as it might impact the quality of the rubber and the colors of the mat. 

- How should I save my BEF yoga mat?

BEF yoga mat can be rolled or fold unless you have enough space at home to keep it on the floor. 

We strongly suggest avoiding storing your natural rubber yoga mats in direct sunlight as this might impact the rubber and colors of the mat. 

- The new mat is a bit slippery, how can I improve its grip?

BEF yoga mat is anti-slippery. If ever you feel slippery when dry, you can simply improve the grip by lightly spraying the surface of the mat with water prior to your practice. 

- My question has not been answered!

No worries! Please send us your question to customerservice@bolderafashion.com. We will be happy to assist!