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About BEF


What is BEF?

Bold Era Fashion (BEF) is created on September 2016, by a team of young yoga lovers with a fashion background.

We love yoga and other outdoor activities. When we found it's so hard to carry a yoga mat along for a trip, we decided to make a super convenient yoga mat for all yogis, which you can keep in your handbag!

Wherever you go, and whenever you want. You can always pull out this mat and start your practice.

No need to worry about forgetting your GIANT gear pack. You know that your mat always lies beside you.

We hope every yogi can purely enjoy the yoga and meditation, leaving all the burden and worries behind.

BEF team is based in HongKong. Our partners are based in Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Mountain View, Beijing, Hongkong, Japan, and Korea.


What Makes BEF Unique?

Convenient and stylish!

Good products speak for themselves. We always deliver the best quality products for all yoga lovers. In the meanwhile, we don't want to sacrifice the style. We always deliver the best quality products in STYLE! We hope our beautiful design will motivate you to step on the mat every day.